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Back when I was Young and raced my RD350 B

Had a lot of fun & meet a lot of good guys

While tring to be my best, there were 65+

rds on that grid doing the same so placing in the top 5 was no easy task. I was ranked 8th over all in my class the 3rd year I raced, 5th overall my 4th year. One picture you see me behind a kawy 550 (supper street race] I would get them in the corners and try and hold them off on the straights. Laguna Seca was a technical track not a lot of straight so I did well there

RD's Only NEws

2017  December-

    Merry Chrismas

So far in December, I have almost finished up the 350A some badges coming in the mail. Tank cleaned , petcock rebuilt.All stock items back on the old girl. Have to switch gears and get on the Daytona customer bike. Front to back assembly of all the restored part, will look stunning when completed. Engine parts are still out when they arrive will assemble the top end, do a leak down and install in frame. Finish before Dec 25th so he has a nice gift for under his tree.

 That is the plan so I need to get it all going.

    May have a few people visit this month and spend some time showing off Texas to a few. That will hurt my schedule if it interferes with the PLAN.

 Will be evaluating the business and see if changing to a hobby business is a better option. Have not made enough money this year to justify staying open as a for profit business. It does pay the bill for the shop but that is all. Will be selling off a  few bikes to fund the operation in 2018. Get the big pig up to par and try and make some $$$ on the road. Will see , stay tuned for updates.

  PS a new looking website is in process, I have not had the time to get after it. Will see if I can finish it up this year or early next year.

Keep them smoking

.   JT

RD's Only  is independently owned and operated!

   I have been working  with RD's/ RZ's since 1978 39 years now. Yup I am an Old Yamaha dog, Raced a RD350B when I was young for 8 years. AFM in Northern Cali, mod-prod & supper street were my classes. I started out tuning RD race bikes, and then opened up my garage. I have rebuilt a large # of engines in the 100's. Have restored 26 bikes 6 my own, it is costly to restore.

     In Northern California I got real busy with my Business RDs Only.  I tried to accommodate too many customers and it was crazy. So now I have lots of space in Smithville TX. I can make time for every bike. I will not do as many but I feel I can do them right,   But I work on Appointment only now. due to Investor appointment and collector criteria.

   A Good Performing bike makes for Happy Customers.

Now in Texas,Give me a call or send me an email.

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RD's Only is dedicated to working on old Yamaha 2 stroke street bikes.

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1st year racing was 1980 what you see is the champions of 1979, some fast names there..