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Back when I was Young and raced my RD350 B

Had a lot of fun & meet a lot of good guys

While tring to be my best, there were 65+

rds on that grid doing the same so placing in the top 5 was no easy task. I was ranked 8th over all in my class the 3rd year I raced, 5th overall my 4th year. One picture you see me behind a kawy 550 (supper street race] I would get them in the corners and try and hold them off on the straights. Laguna Seca was a technical track not a lot of straight so I did well there

RD's Only NEws

2018  July

Much has happened in 2018

My brother died in January at his own hand, I found him. Shocking to say the least.
I have had family around for the last few months; we had a great time for the 4th of July. Now back to being by myself. So a new direction I have set out on. Sell the property, sell off the RD /RZ parts I have augured and lighten up the load for moving. In the near future I will have a garage sale bikes and all. It will be a  RSVP sort of thing, It will not be a fire sale, mostly collectors or RD service folks invite.
I am hoping to have an announcement, call people that may want a few parts and or bikes soon. This process will take some time, so I am not in a hurry.
Houses in Smithville Texas take a while to sell; they are off the beat and path. Small community of 3k people, nice area has all you need to live a nice quiet life. 35 minutes away from downtown Austin, 2.5 hours from Houston, 5 hrs from Dallas Fort Worth area.. Close to COTA that is why I stayed here and property 13.98 acres, 2 ponds and lots of trees. Odd location we are in the county but have city water, electricity and garbage. Last house for city water & electrical, before county [Bastrop]. Quit neighbors a seminary across the way, 3 houses on my street. Closest neighbors are 200 yards away. Shooting range for pistols [25yrds] and long arms [175yrds] on property. Trails for the JD gator 851I to view the property and hike if you like.
After the sale I will be relocating somewhere, not sure yet [I like Texas]. Probably not to far from the track COTA. But I have an opportunity to use my Big Pig and service bikes and location that need me. That was the whole idea behind the purchase.

Keep them smoking

.   JT

RD's Only  is independently owned and operated!

   I have been working  with RD's/ RZ's since 1978 39 years now. Yup I am an Old Yamaha dog, Raced a RD350B when I was young for 8 years. AFM in Northern Cali, mod-prod & supper street were my classes. I started out tuning RD race bikes, and then opened up my garage. I have rebuilt a large # of engines in the 100's. Have restored 26 bikes 6 my own, it is costly to restore.

     In Northern California I got real busy with my Business RDs Only.  I tried to accommodate too many customers and it was crazy. So now I have lots of space in Smithville TX. I can make time for every bike. I will not do as many but I feel I can do them right,   But I work on Appointment only now. due to Investor appointment and collector criteria.

   A Good Performing bike makes for Happy Customers.

Now in Texas,Give me a call or send me an email.

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RD's Only is dedicated to working on old Yamaha 2 stroke street bikes.

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1st year racing was 1980 what you see is the champions of 1979, some fast names there..