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From Tune Up's to Full restoration we can do it all. If you have a RD/RZ that has "been sitten" bring it in we can get it running.

The newest of the 2 stroke Yamaha family. 1980's was when we got to see them. Many improvements from the RD series. RZ350 -500's are a treasure to ride.



Yamaha 2 stroke Street bikes are no longer being made. The RD series is 40 years old, many items on them are just worn out. But there are many solutions today.



RD's Only is a small shop that loves working on old Yamaha 2 stroke street bikes. Air cooled RD's or water cooled RZ's.

 Come by and visit we can put you up if needed- We have fun here Shooting, riding and tuning



Rd's only

   I have been working on [playing with] RD's for over 30 years. Yup I am an Old Yamaha dog, Raced a RD350B when I was young for 8 years. AFM in Northern Cali, mod-prod & supper street were my classes. I started out tuning RD race bikes, and then opened up my garage. I have rebuilt a large # of engines in the 100's. Have restored 26 bikes 6 my own, it is costly to restore.

     In Northern California I got real busy with my hobby RDs Only.  I tried to accommodate too many customers and it was crazy (in a 2 car garage). So now I have lots of space in Smithville TX. I can make time for every bike. I will not do as many but I feel I can do them right,   

   A Good Performing bike makes for Happy Customers.

Now in Texas,Give me a call or send me an email.

Past of rd's only

- Complete Inspection FREE
- Tune Ups
- Performance Mod's
- Drive train -Chain & sprockets
- Carburetor cleaning & tuning
- Tires
- Engine Rebuilds
- Frame up Restorations
- Brakes



RD's Only  is independently owned and operated!

RD's Only- Fremont,CA : Mike is back to work-  new customers OK at this time 2016

RD's Only

RD's Only NEws

2016 October

NEW Cell # 512-718-9570

The Big Pig Runs!!!!!! YEY now I have to get 2 bikes out and do some work on the Pig.

I have a new customers bikes in shop that will not need to much wrenching I hope. They are all pretty and complete, some basic tune ups and debugging things. Need to deliver these pretties so I need to get the pig road worthy 1st. Then get these bikes running good, then deliver and jet at site.

Want to make a Happy customer when done.

Well that is it for now, pop in from time to time to see what get  done soon..

Florida Folks I hope and pray you are all right and weather the storm this week.... Be safe, My prairs are with you all.