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RD's Only

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118 Mount Pleasant Ave. Smithville, TX 78957

Rd's Only has moved From Saratoga,Ca to Smithville TX [may2013]

RD's Only  is independently owned and operated! Smithville Texas!       

After I was done tinkering with them

Daytona Sold for $6500 after restoration, RD350 is mine..

What they were

Before restorations

2- 1979 Daytona Special [1 race trim]

1- 1975 RD350B

Race bike still have next up for restoration

RD350B I still own as well

Daytona fully restored -sold in 2011

Why RD's Only ?

I have lots of experience with other brands,

I like Yamaha RD's

If I were to say I can work on anything that is what I would be doing!

I worked at Emery's Honda, Valley Yamaha & Kenny Roberts Yamaha in the bay area. San Jose Vocational school was where I started out working on small engines and motorcycles. I went to Denver Institute of technologies in Colorado motorcycle program, graduated top of my class.

When I was racing I got  to know smart guys like Dale Alexander & Bill Smith. They helped me go faster and I learned how to maintain my bike to tip top shape. Only 2 DNF's in 8 years 1 crash, 1 ignition failure.

I like Yamaha RD's so why not see if I can work on RD's Only!  I can fix, repair and restore your RD to the way you want it. Have done restorations on many bikes as well as all the service they need. I stock most common parts for RD for tune ups to rebuilds!!!

O I have owned many RD's and RZ's for my personal fun rides over the years.

                       I will be your personal mechaNIC

  • Each customer and bike has personal needs and wants, I treat my customers the way I would like to be treated RIGHT!

    I will listen to what it is you want and communicate with you / look to the bike and let you know what it needs. All evaluations are complimentary

  • No work is done without the customers authorization, I will update customers with pictures and explanations as to what the issues is I see. You are the boss, I work for you!!!!

   Customers who would like to work with me and learn how to- on RD's / RZ's can do that as well.

                                  A small shop fee for using the tools and the facility.

I like teaching people about RD's & RZ's, if you can maintain your own bike you will be much happier and ride more. I like seeing the old 2 stroke on the road!!!!  Appointment  only....

  • Shop 512-575-7018        Cell 512-718-9570
  • I  sell RD parts and motorcycles
  • I stand behind my work 100%, customer satisfaction is my GOAL!

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