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Bad crank seal = Melt down on left cylinder

Check List

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Check list -RD350 /400 "Been Sitting"

  1) Fuel system clean- tank rusty?Phosphoric acid treatment.             

   Cross over tube clean -pipe cleaners

   Petcock clean replace gasket @ fuel selector

   New fuel linesandfilters

   2) Carburetor clean

   Clean all passageways compressed air, Pilot, choke, nozzle, air, fuel

   Inspect needle and seats -if visible x5 eye loop wear mark replace

   Remove air screw, clean with steel wool tip

   Remove needle Jet  [Nozzle] clean all debris off shaft, clear holes, hone cavity.

   Set float height as manual stated RD350 = 15mm +/- 1mm RD400 = 23mm +/- 1mm

   Remove Jet Needle from slides -clean with steel wool -note type and clip position

   Clean pilot jet -guitar wire to clean all holes -shoot with air

   3) Compression - test both cylinders [dry] must be a minimum of 100psi both sides

  Both sides should be within 5% of each other.

  4) Timing- NOTE: Battery must have at least 11 VDC

    Inspect points -pitted (R&R) replace or repair file down if in limits

      Set gap to 0.012" - 0.016" [0.014']

       Using a dial indicator [metric preferred] set timing to 2.0mmBTDC

                                If motor work and pipes, big carbs 1.8mmBTDC -Retarded

5) Install new plugs as recommended R5-RD350 B8hs, RD400 B8es

         gap to 0.022" - 0.026"

6) Start that mother up!!!!

      If all was done correctly 1-2 kick should bring it to life.

7) If Right pipe [sitting on bike] smokes more than left crank seals will need to be replaced  

    For GOD sake this is a 35-39 year old bike rubber parts wear out due to many years of    exposure.

 If seals need to be replaced Jetting will be a bitch -left side FAT jetting right side LEAN jetting. If  the labyrinth seal is weak both sides will smoke.

8) Noise in the engine - Slappy pistons will make noise- Ride the Bitch.

    When you are riding and it slows down and will not start. Wait for 10 minutes then start and go home you have just experienced a seizure. Medication for this is a new top end! YEY!!

Off you and your wallet go, new tires, chain and sprockets, brake rebuilds, rubber parts, new odds and ends. YourWifehas to love you a lot or the bike for this to work... Once you ride a well tuned RD you will find it is not the fastest bike out there. But is sure is fun, power band is an addicting thing on these bikes



                    Have fun


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