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118 Mount Pleasant Ave. Smithville, TX 78957

Average Trip cost

$0.068 a mile [one way] Most bike deliveries average $300 a bike, depending on millage. Can house 8 bike comfortably.

January 2019

Will decide if the big pig will go on the road to a few races. Mostly to show her in hopes of selling her. Need to get the generator installed and all battery's charged up and a few things tided up.

Hope to have more info soon..

​I have Over  $97k invested hope to get close to that price.

Stay tuned


Trip planning2019

 No plans so far


She is a + size girl (50')but has loads of room in the shop. + a little room for me to live in comfort as well. 

She is almost ready to go on a tour of the US of A.

Much to do still to the "Big Pig" Propane area to redo, generator to R&R, Fuel and GO.

The BIG PIG my mobile garage - 1998 Kenworth T2000 conversion.