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Pitted fork tube

Things to Know
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                                                       Things to Know about Your RD:
        RD's that have sat for a long while, can have issues such as;
·         Leaky crank seals
- This happens due to lack of use and time [age] of the rubber. Cannot
seal around the rotating crank shaft, will suck air(left side) or oil(right side) into
       To rectify this engine needs to be disassembled and all the seals replaced.

·         Top End
rattle -2 strokes wear out their pistons in about 3k miles or so, most
old bikes have been seized and left to rot. A compression check can show
leakage due to seizures/wear, if below 100psi new pistons and rings
need to be installed.

·         Crank shaft-
When replacing pistons [top end] it is wise to inspect and measure your
crank shaft. If the crank shaft is out of spec, it is best to have it
rebuilt. If crank is out of spec the new top end will have a shorter

·         Fuel system-
Fuel tanks rust over time as well as the petcock rubbers get old and do
not seal any more. Cleaning the tank with a mild acid or Electrolysis
can restore most of the damage. Coatings can be used as well.

·         Carburetion-
Over time Carbs build up varnish or sludge if pre mixed. Cleaning of
all passageways is needed. Needle and seats need to be inspected for
wear, replace as needed.

·         Ignition Timing-
RD's use contact points these need to be looked at and replaced or
adjusted. Setting timing is critical on these bikes. Using a dial indicator
is the only way to set timing correctly.

·         Drive train-
Chain and sprockets, on old bike these are neglected and usually need
attention. Looking at the rear sprocket if you can see wear where teeth
have pointed or between teeth. Should be a nice U shape if worn will
look more like a y.

·         Clutch
- Friction plates wear with use, when doing any motor work it is an
opportunity to replace parts you normally don't have a chance getting
to. Also the basket can have to much sloop due to rubber dampers have
fallen a part. Replacing these can be done, some machine work maybe


- RD gear boxes are pretty tough, but they do get abused. Inspecting
all "dogs" for wear as well as teeth. Sloppy idler gears or a bad 2nd
gear can be due to wheelie shifts or partial shifts. Bearings should
also be inspected for wear.

·         Suspension-
Front forks need to be inspected for rust/pitting of the chrome as well
as the seals. If the seal are in need of replacing & the chrome has
pitting. New seals will not last long.
      Replacement of fork tubes or re-chroming recommended.

shocks over time may leak so there is not dampening left in
the shocks.  Like a pogo stick the bike will bounce over bumps.
New unit are recommended.

·  Brakes -
Older models had front and back drum brakes. These brakes can be
adjusted to accomplish good braking. Newer models have front disk brake
& rear drum /Disk. Hydraulic brakes need to be flushed and inspected
for seal leaks. Rebuilds are recommended for master cylinders and
calipers. Brakes can be resurfaces, and rebuilt with new parts.  

·  Steering -

Steering head bearings wear over years of use, also they can rust. Recommendation is replace with newer tapered bearings.
·         Wheels
- Spooked wheels need to be maintained -trued and tightened
periodically. If you see rust around the spoke nipples this needs to be
looked at. If the rim has rust where the nipple goes into rim this can
fatigue and cause failure. Where the spoke will pull through the rim,
replacement of rim and spokes is best in these cases.
Bearings in wheels can be replaced to newer longer lasting bearings.

·         Electrical
- Wiring over time and neglect or modifications can be troublesome.
Rewiring can be done or replace old harness with new of used. Charging
systems can be checked and parts can be acquired and replaced. I have
lots of experience with wiring and electrical. Whether repairing damaged
wires or replacement.

In short you have a nice 30+ year old 2 stroke bike and you want it to be
dependable and fun. Age/the elliments has taken its toll on your Yamaha 2 stroke,
Safety first brakes and tires. Then look at steering, drive train then

I can help you on any of these items listed above; I will tell you what your bike needs when I inspect it.
 Don't be surprised when the list total reaches or exceeds $500 -$1800 or more.
Now look at what a new bike cost? $4k-$20k you have to figure this is a payment or 4 on a new ride, after the initial cost of repairs you can enjoy safe fun rides for many summers. A Dealer might charge this for a tune up [and not a very good tune].
With RD's Only we are looking at the whole bike to make it safe and
dependable for you to enjoy.

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