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118 Mount Pleasant Ave. Smithville, TX 78957

Speaking of health, I am not going to be doing this for much longer. It is costing me more than I thought it would.

In 2018 I will have to make up my mind on what I want to do whenIi grow up, so things might change for RD's Only.

My health is not as it was when I was younger, I keep injuring my back witch sucks. I might just have to get a real job and do what I can for RD's after hours. I have done that in the past and it takes so long to get stuff done. For the rest of 2017 I will be working on my bikes and selling a few I have to fund the operation. Have 2 customers to get done by December- then in January I will be closing my LLC. Re-open as a Hobby business or  contractor for hire.Will see how this goes.


October 2017     Update From RD's only

New business decision 2018 I will be formally going out of business Chapter 13 on my LLC. RD's Only will be a Hobby business/contract business in 2018. This is so I do not have to carry all the insurance and tax burdens I have been paying.Customers will have to carry all insurance on their bikes,Sign a waver /release form for me to work as a contractor. For the past 3 years I have not made any significant profits. Could file as a charitable organization, Tax guy suggested I do this to keep the wolf from my door. Will be interesting to see if it works out in 2018.


My RZ500 "Flame bike"

She is Ready to rock-She is a Crazy ride I tell you what, Might be for sale soon, $12k Not cheap I really don't want to sell her But if I see the cash I just might!



October 2017

Have to pay for repairs and a tow after last outing. Will be going over all wheel bearing and replacing all brakes and 2 tires. That does not sound cheap!!

Might change gear ratios in the rear end since it does not use the first 3 gearsout of a 10 speed.

   She has been a money pit- For sure!!!!!

-Drive the Mother around and get the most out of her..

I am running out of money and time so I better get this thing on the road and make some money while I am still in OK health.


Why SMithville TX

Well the funny thing is... My Brother David/Dave/Brother Dave saw this house on the web and liked it.

I researched the area and found it to be quite nice. 35 minutes to Austin, 1.5 hours from San Antonio, 3.5 hours from Dallas. The big plus only 35 minutes from COTA [Motogp & F1 races]. Well that was worth a look So off we went and purchased this 15 acres + a 3500sf house ++ a 3500sf shop.

RD's Only